Dr Conray Moolman is a high-volume robotic surgeon and currently (October 2021) he has performed a total of 580 robotic prostactomies (since 2015).  To qualify as a high-volume robotic surgeon, one must perform more than 80-100 robotic cases per year. The literature has shown that high volume robotic surgeons have superior results to other robotic surgeons.

Dr Moolman has reviewed his first 400 Robotic Prostatectomies, and the results are available to all patients considering having their surgery with him. He presented his results to his peers and colleagues. It is a good idea to make sure your robotic surgeon can show you his own personal results and not just the general results shown in the literature.

Dr Moolman has shown excellent results in localised and locally advanced prostate cancer patients. This includes oncological outcomes, urine continence and sexual recovery.  Bilateral nerve-sparing robotic prostatectomy increases the return of sexual function significantly compared to open/laparoscopic surgery. Specific results on Dr Moolman's oncological and functional outcomes are available on request.

Dr Moolman allows any potential patient to phone any of his patients who have had robotic surgery in the past year, with the agreement that potential patients will phone you one day after your surgery!